Puppalguda- Luxury Villas Hyderabad

The site is sectored into earthen mounds that have been gently graded to create a slope to the northeast quadrant of the site so as to provide maximum benefits with regard to Vaastu considerations. The sculpted mounds create a dramatic spatial enclave that embraces the community club house. The naturalistic character of the site is preserved in the fissures that sponsor roads. Each mound is populated by a specific villa type resulting in a powerful and legible ordering the overall site.

  • The selective construction of mounds achieves a favorable slope for Vaastu considerations.
  • Villas of similar scale are clustered on the moulded mounds to establish a clear identity.
  • The community facility occupies the central greenspace becoming a focal point from all directions.
  • Roadways are landscaped in a naturlistic manner to evoke the original character of the site.