Architecture & Interior Design

Boutique Hotel, Goa

51,500 SQ FT

In the scenic location of paddy fields and beaches, designing a boutique hotel that needs to stand out is always a challenge. This project brings forward a design encompassing luxury in a laidback setting of GOA. The building will stand out to make an impression whole exuding the charm of the local heritage.

The classy exteriors are designed to depict a blend of the modern sleek lines on a backdrop of a rustic concrete finish. The classic ideology of ‘Less is more’ is taken into consideration

The exteriors and interiors are not a stark line as there are courtyards and decks provided so that users are able to interact with the nature and the hotel provides not just rooms but an ambience and space one would like to stay in.

The entrance is a transition between the world outside and the exclusive feel of the interiors. The water body provides a sense of calmness and the signature furniture sets a tone for the look at the entrance itself.

The Suites are designed in such a way so as to make them exclusive to the users. The rooms use beautiful motifs and textures to bring together an exquisite boutique space.