Game City, Hyderabad

5.60 lakh SQ FT

GAME CITY will be one of the largest incubation centers in India. Hyderabad can boast to have one of the largest Incubation Centers in the world. Today with area 5.60 lakh sqft spread across G+11 floors housing 7000 seats. It has been designed in accordance with the design requirements of the leading offices in the world. It will be one of the few energy compliant office buildings in India. Startups create healthy collaborative+ support work environments. A high tech, iconic “ECOBATOR” (ECOSYSTEM + INCUBATOR) will boost the overall state image as one that fosters innovation , attracts talent and people to the city. People start working + living in the city, hence contributing to the culture and economy of the state. The envelope of the building is designed with the formless language of a Boomerang – “Dynamic, Fluid and Efficient” and green building strategies are implemented. This building is a GAME CITY which has “Academy, Business center, Incubator, Office spaces”. The façade is designed with combination of glass fiber concrete, glass, metal lowers and green wall. By small but significant shifting of each floor plate, the building gets dynamicity with attracting shape and dramatic interaction with architecture and nature. The main atrium is a 3 dimensional boomerang that appears to peel away from the start point of the building. The central space is the heart of the building and provides circulation route for all facilities, offices and operations areas.