Market Place

Market Place

Hyderabad the city of quili qutub shah is made of various colors and shades. Every eye and every angel has a different view. The design of the MARKETPLACE perfectly captures all these elements.

The form and aesthetics of the market place have been inspired from the two major historic treasures of Hyderabad.Mughal Architecture and The Laad Bazaar of Charminar.

Taking the concept of the MARKETPLACE everywhere around the world,which is a convergence of people,culture,tradition,heritage and lifestyle.

Hyderabad with its rich cultural and traditional background and history is a perfect city for marketplace.

A city with so much history would no doubt have its own attitude,and the aim of this design was to capture this very nuance of this city know for its Tehzeeb and Mehman ‚Äď nawazi.

The overlap of these two worlds create the characteristic urban setting of the marketplace.