10,000 SQ FT

Micro Brewery, Hyderabad

Centrally located at Hyderabad, this 10,000 sqft Micro Brewery is one of the first of its kind to come up in the city with it fresh craft beer. The circular bar at the center is the spaceā€™s central attributeā€”facing its ambience both seamlessly and uniquely.

The design concept was to create a raw and industrial atmosphere to the place. A guideline stated during the design development is to use natural and raw materials. Natural fibers and woods can be seen, with the floor made of cement and wood. The exposed ducts and the open ceiling give it a more rustic feel. The large surfaces of glasses in metal frame will welcome visitors as they approach the restaurant and open up for the wide view of the Brewery inside. Exposed red brick with a mix of white brick walls marks most of the areas with comfortable leather and natural wood furniture with large open-air balcony.