Interior Concept Design

Ness Technologies - S&P Global

1,02,518 SFT.
Concept Design

The driving idea for the design of this workspace was to create an environment that promotes work efficiency and at the same time creates a unique user experience. Considering S&P’s long standing history with the city of New York, the theme for the workspace reflects the vibe of the city. Inspirations have been drawn from the vibrant and colorful cityscape, the art & culture, graphics and the prints of the dynamic city. The workspace layout follows a clean design with straight lines reflecting the core culture of Standard & Poor’s and the founding principles of the company. It displays design features of balance and symmetry to give it a classic, timeless and yet contemporary feel. The workspace is planned so that it encourages collaboration, exchange of ideas and provides a work-area setting that reflects the core values of Standard and Poor’s : Relevance, Integrity, Excellence.