MalliKharjuna Krinss, Hyderabad


The new development of Navanaami builders is seen as an opportunity to create a model community for contemporary Indian culture. Global awareness joined with cultural traditions is the inspiration for this community. Sensitivity to the earth and the intrinsic elements of nature are the underlying concepts for the three master plans. The interior designers challenge was to strike a harmonious balance between the natural and the man made.

W Design’s architects positioned the small villas at the perimeter of the site to establish a clear sense of boundary for the community. The center of the site is buffered from adjacent development and becomes a focus for the larger villas. Ribbons of landscape weave through the overall site producing a lush green layering within the community.

• Large villas are insulated from adjacent development
• Continuity of perimeter reinforces strong community identity
• Gentle distortion of large villa plots encourages variety
• Lines of greenery subdivide site into layers
• Circulation ring defines boundary between small and large villas