The Vizag Project


The new VS Infra luxury apartment building in Vizag is an extraordinary synthesis of dramatic vistas and spatial wonder. The inspiration for this project is drawn from the rich cultural and geographic fabric… The timeless allure of the sea with its warm breezes and mesmerizing waves are dramatically captured in the vertical seascape gardens that become the iconic identity for VS Infra.

The sensuously sculpted garden walls evoke the timeless beauty of waves washing against the shore. Interspersed planter pockets inject color and fragrance into the pub These garden spaces breathe light and air into the heart of the building offering residents a lush and tranquil experience of sensuous delight and visual intrigue. Spacious interior layouts with modern amenities define a new standard for urban living. VS Infra will offer indoor parking, beautiful landscape gardens, outdoor play areas, a health club and elegant duplex roof top units that frame expansive views of the sea.

A dual core circulation system enhances privacy with only two apartments served on each floor by each core. Rich textures accompany the two cores to provide the building with an unique presence, responsive to the traditions and patterns of the region.