Interior Design

Incubation & Co-working spaces - Delhi

1,50,000 SQ FT

The mission is to foster an open and fully transparent business incubation culture in keeping with its startup roots, to accommodate flexible growth, to provide a variety of spaces and amenities. A business incubator will accommodate both interaction and individual concentration spaces which encourage informal collaboration and team work promoting flexible work environment. Different users work side by side in collaborative space, such as brain storming areas, cabanas, outdoor seating and common areas- as well as individual spaces, such as phone booths, standing desks, break-out areas. Individual departments are arranged into clusters with glass partitions around the open seating areas. The design theme of the incubator is fusion of rustic and industrial. Cutouts are created between each floors to connect the levels not only virtually but also physically strengthens the interactive parameter of the design.

The Business center is on exclusive top floor housing Day offices, Part time offices, Mobile working with dedicated amenities like Internet, Telephone with speaker function, LCD Projectors with screens. Networking & Supporting common spaces like business lounge think pods Training rooms, Virtual offices. Premium offices and Business center are provided with exclusive entrances. The design theme of the incubator is fusion of Classical and industrial.